Thursday, April 30, 2009

High School

I had been suspended from school for ten days. Because of school in services and what not, it turned into a lot longer. I had a good three weeks to do whatever I wanted. I forgot most of my responsibilities and I'm having trouble remembering them. I was supposed to go to school on Tuesday and Wednesday in order to make the Science portion of the P.S.S.A. But I had major difficulties adjusting my sleep schedule. Thus, I didn't go to school on Wednesday. I was told to stay home today, even though I received a call from the principal on the answering machine asking where I was. My mother called him back to discuss me getting my gym suit since I failed gym. I guess instead of me going back to school on Friday, I go in the morning to finish my P.S.S.A. and then I go home or spend the day in in-school suspension. Then MAYBE I attend school for the rest of the year on Monday. They seem to be doing whatever they can to make sure I fail my junior year. I wonder if I should even try to pass this year? All that shit they tell you about y'know, "we're here to help you." Yeah, you're there to present an image and please parents. Thanks a lot. Assholes. Fuck you.

Got Kerplunk! by Green Day on vinyl today. Sick.
Came with an insert, and the bonus tracks of the album on a 7". Almost worth the twenty bucks for it. Oh well.

Wrote a couple riffs that I hope work out with the band. We've made little progress with writing new songs. But we're getting there.